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Thinking About Having a vasectomy?

The Pre-operative Consultation All patients considering a vasectomy should have a consultation with their surgeon beforehand (ideally not the same day). This allows for an assessment of the patient’s suitability for the procedure and provision of a detailed explanation of the technique – including side effects and possible complications and to answer any patient or partner’s concerns.

What does the patient feel during the procedure?

Vasectomy under local anaesthetic is generally well tolerated. Patients find the local anaesthetic stings, but after this they usually only notice a mild pulling sensation as the procedure is undertaken. However, the amount of discomfort experienced is highly subjective. The procedure takes about 20 – 30 minutes.

What are the instructions for after discharge?

Patients are asked to rest for a few days and to avoid any strenuous physical activity or trauma to the area (not always easy when toddlers are about). Patients can return to sedentary occupation after three days. Sexual intercourse can resume on the fourth day, but an alternate method of contraception needs to be used until the follow-up sperm test confirms that both the procedure has been successful and all sperm present in the tubes at the time of the procedure has been cleared.

What symptoms are commonly experienced after a vasectomy?

Slight soreness, swelling and bruising – which lasts for only a few days. These symptoms are relieved by tight-fitting underwear, use of analgesic and ice packs. Bleeding, scrotal haematoma and wound infection are possible, but less common side effects.

What is the failure rate?

About 2 – 3/1000 procedures. Early failures should be detected by a post-operative sperm test.

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