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When is a mole, not a mole?

Mole and Skin checks:

When is a mole, not a mole?? Our practice offers whole skin consultations, including dermoscopy or the use of Molescan equipment.

If our doctor is concerned about any spots, further treatment will be discussed.

Skin Checks

People living in Australia are exposed to high levels of ultra- violet rays which over time causes sun damage to the skin and possibly skin cancers. Skin cancers are very common in Australia and the risk increases with age. Most skin cancers can be easily treated and cured by excision. Pre-cancerous lesions can be treated with Liquid Nitrogen- a very cold gas which actually burns the skin through freezing it and allowing the skin to heal with normal skin.

Malignant Melanomas are more rare but potentially fatal. Malignant Melanomas though are curable if detected early. The General Practitioners in this practice are happy to do skin checks as required, where a whole appointment is devoted to a thorough skin check. Please make an appointment with your preferred practitioner. (Several of the Doctors do dedicated skin clinics) You will be asked to remove your clothing down to your underwear and all of your skin will be examined to be sure there is nothing hiding that may need treatment – which may potentially be life saving.

Please book in for a skin check if you

  1. Have had any previous skin cancers
  2. Have any red or dark spot you think may have changed
  3. Have any sore that won’t heal
  4. Are over 20 and not had a thorough skin check in the last 2 years.
  5. Have lots of moles
  6. A spot that is different from other spots around it

If you are concerned about your skin or skin cancer risk, or notice anything on your skin which has changed in size, shape or colour, please make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.

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