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Expecting a baby?

Ante-natal and post-natal care

If you have any concerns during your pregnancy, always ask your Doctor or ask to speak to one of our practice midwives.

Before the Baby Arrives


Each pregnancy is different. The frequency of your visits will be discussed with your Doctor and will depend upon your individual needs. To help your Doctor, please let reception know that your visit will be an obstetric one.

We routinely offer the following tests:

  1. Ante-natal blood testing
  2. Ultrasound
  3. 12 weeks
  4. 19 - 20 weeks
  5. Glucose tolerance test done at 26 weeks to screen for diabetes in pregnancy

Down’s Syndrome Screen

You can choose to have a test which gives you a risk ratio for Down’s Syndrome. This test requires a blood test at 11 weeks and an ultrasound at 12 weeks. It is not a definitive test but will alert the need for more testing.

Hospital Booking

At approximately 20 weeks you will be advised to book into the hospital where the baby will be delivered. This will involve meeting one of the hospital midwives, who will go through arrangements for your hospital stay.

After the Baby Arrives

Post Natal Check

To ensure you are recovering and your baby is developing normally, a Post Natal appointment should be booked for yourself and for the baby, 6 weeks after the birth.

Post Natal Depression

A screening test called the EPDS is filled out when you book into the hospital. It is repeated after the birth by your child health nurse to ensure you remain well after the birth.

Post Natal Services

It is important to us that you and your baby remain well. If you have any concerns about yourself or your baby always ask your Doctor or one of our practice midwives. We offer assistance with:

  1. Breastfeeding problems or if an infection occurs
  2. Any concerns at all about you or your baby
  3. Postnatal sadness or depression
  4. All childhood immunisations

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